Our Coffee

Handmade. Everytime.

Wildheart’s dedication to quality and Rex’s 15+ years experience in the coffee industry make our shop unique. There are no automatic espresso machines here. Every single shot is weighed out to ensure the perfect dosage for your espresso. The milk in every single hot drink is hand-steamed to creamy perfection. Pair that with Wildheart’s dedication to providing Wyoming-Roasted Snowy Elk Coffee and every drink is special.

Wyoming Based Roasts

Wildheart Coffee Company exclusively serves Snowy Elk Coffee Roasters coffee, based right in Wyoming. Snowy Elk exclusively selects high-altitude, specialty grade beans sourced from around the globe. Our espresso is their Dark Moose Espresso and our drip coffee and cold brew is the their Basecamp Blend.

Recently, we partnered with Snowy Elk to product an exclusive Wildheart-specific blend just for our customers! It’s a wonderful and delicious mix of Peruvian and Papau New Guinea coffees.