About Our Shop

Quality Meets Passion

The name “Wildheart” has multiple meanings to store owner Rex Bennett and has its metaphorical roots deeply set in Rex’s journey through his life. Wildheart means to live and thrive without fear and embrace the risks that make life worth living. Naming the company Wildheart was Rex’s homage to chasing his dream of creating a company where he can share the simple joys of providing an incredibly high-quality product to others and reveling in watching that “First Sip Moment” as it happens in others.

Dreaming Big
Brewing Wildheart

Wildheart Coffee Company has been in business since October of 2023 but has been a dream in the making for 10 years. Wildheart started as a small, one-man operation and through the generosity of Target Signs and Ken Musser, Wildheart found its permanent location off of Camel Drive. Centrally located within Gillette, and near most of the main thoroughfares of Gillette, Camel Drive just seemed like the obvious decision.

Our Philosophy

The best product in the world will never be consumed if the service fails to provide a positive experience. Wildheart is dedicated to exemplary customer service every time.